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Born in La Plata in 1976, Argentine chef Mauro Colagreco's destiny has turned out to be nothing short of exceptional. After working alongside many of the greats, he struck out on his own… and found what he was looking for in Menton. Mirazur is the "last house before Italy" and looks the sky and the open sea straight in the eye: many a visitor has been hypnotised by the exceptional view of the Mediterranean. Supported by a talented team and a firm believer in the benefits of ultra-short food supply chains (his permaculture vegetable garden is proof of this), Mauro Colagreco is at the top of his game. In tune with lunar cycles, transcending the seasons and the region, his cuisine is a daily ode to aromatic plants, flowers, vegetables and citrus fruits. An unforgettable experience.
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30 avenue Aristide-Briand
06500 Mentone